JK by Thirty-One Collection

I have to admit, before Thirty-One added a jewelry collection to their line of products, I wasn’t a big fan of wearing anything other than my wedding ring.  The things I bought were always cheaply made, turned my skin funny colors, and the materials discolored quickly. In fact, the holes in my ears were starting to close so when I did decide to put on a pair of earrings, it wasn’t easy or comfortable to get them in place.  I was pretty skeptical about how well Jewel Kade would go over with my customers.  Let’s be honest, if I didn’t like it, I probably wouldn’t be showing it to them.  March will be the two year anniversary since JK by Thirty-One made it’s debut and I have been pleasantly surprised with each new catalog!  I have photographed some of my favorites for this spring that are currently available and you can check out our entire collection here.

The Jubilee Earrings are my favorite in our entire spring collection.  They are definitely my go-to piece because I can dress them up with a fancy outfit or go casual.


Jubilee Earrings 

I have had my eye on this next duo since they made their appearance at our consultant spring product premiere back in December!  The Inspiration Necklace and Inspiration Earrings were at the top of my list to get with my spring launch party this month and I was super excited to rip open the package when the UPS man delivered my box of goodies!


Inspiration Necklace 



Inspiration Earrings 








Anchors, arrows, and crosses are among my favorite things and our new Leather Icon Bracelet features all three!  I don’t have the arrow bracelet (yet), but I absolutely love how the cross makes up the top of the anchor.  If you don’t know, Thirty-One is a Christian company and the name comes from Proverbs 31.  I love how the cross represents Jesus’ sacrifice for me and that I am anchored in my faith in Him.  Check out the arrow version of bracelet if you are looking to be reminded that God leads you on your path.


Leather Icon Bracelet 

The Dream Catcher Necklace and Wax Seal Charms aren’t new this season, but they deserve to be featured.  I got mine right after our youngest was born, one letter for each of my children’s first names (and the arrow because as I already mentioned, I love arrows!) as well as a purple stone since purple is my favorite color.


Dream Catcher Necklace, Wax Seal Charms, Keep Sake Charm-Arrow *Note: stone charms no longer available.

Let’s talk charm bracelets.  The first one pictured is our new Beaded Charm Bracelet with one of our new Keepsake Charms.  The Starfish was actually a gift I received from Thirty-One back in September when my husband and I were on our all expenses paid Leadership Incentive Trip to the Hard Rock Hotel and Spa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic!  Little did I know at the time that it would be added to our spring 2017 collection.  You won’t find it in pink as it was a special gift, but the stone blue featured here is just as fun!


Beaded Charm Bracelet, Keepsake Charm-Starfish

And finally, our classic Cherish Bracelet featuring Keepsake Charms and a Birthstone Dot Charm.  My favorite part about our jewelry is that it can tell a story.  Whether you are giving it as a gift for Mother’s Day, a birthday, new baby, graduation, or whatever the occasion, make it your own.  What story will you tell?


Cherish Bracelet, Birthstone Dot Charm, Keepsake Charms-Family Roots, Believe Cross, Bicycle

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