Close to Home

If you’ve been a customer of mine for long, you might remember a product we offered last season that sold like a pumpkin spice latte on the first day of fall!  Usually once or twice per year, a select group of consultants get to offer special products at our parties from a “promising picks” collection.  We test out the market on new and exciting product offerings to see if they can earn their way to a permanent spot in our catalog.  I’ve had the opportunity to participate the last couple of times and it’s always fun to see what people love and what they could do without.  The Close to Home Tray quickly proved itself as it sold out in just three weeks.  Generally, these test products are offered over a four month period of time with the most popular items selling out toward the end of that time frame, if at all.  I was barely able to snag one up for myself before they were gone!  Thirty-One has been working incredibly hard to bring this item back and though it was too late to make it into our spring/summer catalog, it officially became available for online purchase on March 1st!


So, what is it you ask?  The Close to Home Tray is a beautiful mango wood serving tray.  It is food safe so it can be used for small snacks such as cheese, crackers, salami, dried fruits and meats, etc…or bringing breakfast in bed to your sweetheart! It also makes for some stylish home decor when not in use.  We hang ours above the window in our kitchen using the sturdy cast iron handles and pull it down when we need it.  One of my favorite parts about this product is that it is made from real wood so each one is unique and varies in color and grain.

Close to Home

A couple of care cautions to keep in mind: do NOT use it as a cutting board and do NOT submerge it in water.  Simply wipe clean with a damp cloth.

There are currently two personalization options available using a simply etched design process, including a typewriter initial with optional text below or a simple script using one to two lines of text with your choice of icon in the center.  The images below give an example of each, but I think it’s fun to jump on the site and design your own! You can also choose to leave yours blank if you prefer no personalization.



I am looking forward helping design many of these this season to be given as gifts for weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and more!  Leave me a comment with who you would give this to and what it would say!


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